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Frequently Asked Questions

If you replace the door do you have to replace the jamb?
Not if you hire us. Fitting a new door into an existing jamb requires genuine craftsmanship. In most cases we can install a door without disturbing the surrounding walls or paint. If for some reason a new door can't be installed, we can install pre-hung doors as well.

Do you do anything besides doors?
Yes. We also offer custom carpentry services. We build decks, staircases, remodels, gates, fences and more.


How long does it take to install a door?
There is no set time to install any particular door-- each of our installers works at their own pace. On average, a front door with standard hardware takes between 2 and 4 hours to install

How do I measure the door?
Follow our simple 3-step explanation on how to measure your door. If you have a tape measure and eyes, you can do this.

Does a door have to be installed with a door jamb?
Absolutely not. Each damaged door is critiqued and only the appropriate steps are taken. In general, if there has been a break-in, you may need some repair to your jamb. Water and termite damage may necessitate replacement. Upgrading to a better grade of wood in your jambs would require replacement. Many other conditions call for door replacement ONLY.

Can I help?
We beg you, please don't. Doors are heavy and our installers have methods of moving the doors around without assistants, by using pivoting and balance. Even an unexpected finger on the door can cause it to come crashing down, so again, just sit back and watch. Occasionally though, once it's been safely mounted on the hinges we need someone to keep the door from swinging open as we mark it on the other side-- we can ALWAYS use your help with that!

How much do you charge to install a door?
We use many factors to determine our prices, so this question is too vague to answer. Some of the factors include: How far away you are from us; size, style and operation of the door; whether we are delivering the door; how far the doorway is from the truck once we arrive; what hardware gets installed; insurance concerns; and customer cooperation.

How can I tell what kind of fire door I need?
There are several ways. The easiest is to email a photo to us along with the measurements. If you can't send us a photo, visit door types and styles before calling us.

Can I have a wooden/composite door installed swinging towards the outdoors?

It's not recommended. Wooden doors, and doors assembled of composite materials, tend to be damaged by direct exposure to sunlight and rain (or sprinklers!), especially the ones which swing outward.

The door has a fist-sized hole in one side-- can it be repaired?
Yes, if the door will be painted. There is no acceptable way to match wood grain when patching varnished doors. Due to the inherent nature of patching products, however, that area will often be susceptible to redamage if struck again.

Can I pay by check?
You can, with a business check. You can also pay in U.S. currency.

Can I save money on your service?
We offer discounts on repeat business and volume installs. A very popular program with apartment managers and owners.

How much of a mess is involved with door installation?
Most of the mess falls around the door. You can keep dust from migrating to other parts of the house by keeping all windows and doors shut during the installation-- this reduces drafts.

Will airborne sawdust hurt my computer or other electrical devices?
All houses contain dust before Doorhanger Company ever knocks on your door. What little dust lands on computer equipment will not hurt it, provided it is not allowed to remain there to block air vents and keep heat from escaping the machine.

Will a new door change my life?
No, but it will help you out of the jamb.




Home Services Door types Repair or Replace? Glossary FAQs Estimates