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Repair or replace your door?

The sooner you determine whether you need a repair or replacement, the sooner we can arrive to solve your problem. This will help us feed our offspring thus ensuring another generation of quality doorhangers.

Door issues we can probably repair

- The door rubs. This usually happens on the floor but it can rub on the top or sides too.
- There's a springy resistance when you try to close the door.
- It's falling off the hinges.
- Won't lock or won't open.
- Lets air in around any of the four edges.

Door issues that will mostly likely need a replacement

- Door or frame is falling apart. This can be caused by termites, exposure, aggressive realtors, abuse or old age.
- Wobbles when you shake it.
- Doesn't fit current code or safety needs.
- Wrong type of door. (Might need a fire, safety, int/ext)
- You simply don't like it anymore.

What we need to know before we replace your door

Size: We need to know the height, width and thickness. It's very easy to determine with our easy to follow measuring instructions provided below.

Door type: There are many types of doors. If you don't know what type of door you have, go to our door types page now. We'll wait. If possible, email us a photo of your door or email us a photo of the new door you want.

Final finish: Even though we might not be putting a finish on the door, we'll need to know what kind of finish you ultimately want, so that we can help you select the right door. For example, are you going to paint it? The more we know, the more effectively we can help.

Once we have this information, we can replace your door. If you can't measure your door, we'll gladly come out and take measurements for you. Please note, however, that an extra trip charge will occur.

How to measure your door

First of all, don't worry about being precise. As long as you're close, we'll know what to do.

Step 1: Height
As you can see, the actual height of this door is 80 inches. As long as you're within a half an inch, that's close enough.

Step 2: Width
Just like the height, it doesn't have to be exact. This door is just under 30 inches wide. Just tell us that it's 30 inches and that's close enough.

Step 3: Thickness
Place the tape measure just above the lock and record to the nearest 1/4 of an inch. This door is 1 3/8 inches thick.




Home Services Door types Repair or Replace? Glossary FAQs Estimates