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Expert door installation and repair in Los Angeles

We are the Los Angeles door installation and door repair experts. Our services include door installation, door repairs, entryway design and installation, locksmithing and custom carpentry including remodeling, cabinetmaking, stairways, fences, gates and more.

We can handle any type of door repair or replacement. We are not handymen or hobbyists. We are professionally trained doorhangers and carpenters. This is a specialized skill that allows us to fix or replace your door properly the first time.
- Serving greater Los Angeles
- Over 20 years experience
- Licensed and bonded contractor
- Professional door installation and door repair
- Custom carpentry and remodeling
- Free quotes via email and phone
- Friendly, professional staff with a sense of humor

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In addition, we can order your door for you and then install it to our high standards. If you need help ordering a new door, use our guide to door types and styles and visit our repair page where you will learn how to measure your door for replacement.

For all your door repair and installation needs

We regularly install interior and exterior doors INTO YOUR EXISTING DOOR JAMB. That means we can replace your old door without disturbing the surrounding mouldings or paint.

Call us for complete double-door entryways with sidelights and transom, aluminum or wood sliding patio doors, steel apartment security doors, commercial aluminum glass pivot doors, fire-rated doors, sliding and folding mirrored closet doors, disappearing-into-the-wall pocket doors... even garage doors!

The Doorhanger Company of Los Angeles. The bottom line is that when we leave, you'll have a door that looks great and works well.

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Home Services Door types Repair or Replace? Glossary FAQs Estimates